Simmons chats with Jonathan Kraft

In his latest BS Report, Bill Simmons talks with New England Patriots president Jonathan Kraft about Super Bowl XLVI, the history of the franchise, his parents' relationship and the future of the NFL.

Here are two quick highlights:

On Super Bowl XLII (what Simmons calls "the apocalypse for Patriots fans"): "Our guys were really feeling the weight of what had been a very long season with a lot of expectations going in that only built during the course of the season. And I think we went in tight, and they went in loose, and they weren't intimidated and they beat us."

On his parents' devotion to each other -- and her role in helping end the NFL lockout: "My mom got sick in the middle of March and from the middle of March until she passed away in July, [my father] never came to the office... he basically lived at her bedside. ... What she would say to my dad was, 'Look, too many people in this country are going to be lost without that game. ... You know how to get this done, go solve it. You can leave me. Go solve that. I want you to go take care of that because too many people love it. That was the only time he would leave her bedside. And it's why... she passed away on a Wednesday, that Thursday morning we voted to ratify the deal in Atlanta."

To listen to Bill's full interview with Jonathan Kraft, click HERE.