Bed check: Gronk, team ready

INDIANAPOLIS -- Capping off the night with the three biggest takeaways from the Patriots' sixth day in town for Super Bowl XLVI:

1. No setbacks for Gronkowski. When tight end Rob Gronkowski went through half of Thursday's practice, Bill Belichick said a key factor would be how he felt the next day. The update was positive, according to Belichick. "I think he's OK. I don't think we had any setbacks." Gronkowski is expected to play Sunday night, but the question remains how effective he might be. He is tough.

2. Belichick: "I think we're ready." The Patriots held a walkthrough practice and afterwards Belichick said, "I think we’re ready to go. We’ve worked hard this week Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in practice, and we had good practices back home last week." Friday's walkthrough, which included Belichick getting involved in special teams drills, was referred to as "mental review" by Belichick. There will be more of the same Saturday.

3. Belichick keeps distance from Lombardi Trophy. After the final news conferences of the week prior to Super Bowls, coaches sometimes stop for photos front of the Lombardi Trophy. Bill Belichick passed on that opportunity. Tom Coughlin did not. No right or wrong decisions, but it was notable from this perspective that the coaches handled it differently, with Belichick keeping his distance.