Lock in Pats for 31st overall pick

INDIANAPOLIS -- With their loss in Super Bowl XLVI, the Patriots will be slotted at No. 31 in each round of the NFL Draft, which is the second-to-last selection of each round.

The Patriots currently own two first-round picks (their own plus the Saints), two second-round picks (their own plus the Raiders'), and third- and fourth-round picks.

Here is a look at past No. 31 selections to provide a barometer of sorts for what type of player the team might pick up should it stick with selection:

2011: DL Cameron Heyward (Steelers)

2010: DE Jerry Hughes (Colts)

2009: RB Beanie Wells (Cardinals)

2008: S Kenny Phillips (Giants)

2007: TE Greg Olsen (Bears)

2006: CB Kelly Jennings (Seahawks)

2005: DT Mike Patterson (Eagles)

2004: WR Rashaun Woods (49ers)

2003: CB Nnamdi Asomugha (Raiders)

Like any other selection, there are some big hits (Asomugha) and big-time misses (Woods). One other factor to consider is that with the Saints' first-round pick (27) and this selection (31), the Patriots have some ammunition to do some different things.