MacMullan on blame game

Columnist Jackie MacMullan writes that in the aftermath of Super Bowl XLVI, the blame game has spun out of control.

You want somebody to pay for this. You want blood for all the money wasted on an elegant Super Bowl spread (only to completely lose your appetite), for the sleepness Sunday night, for the crabby boss with the Patriots pennant on his door cursing you out on Monday morning, for the obnoxious "Patsies!!!" phone calls you've been fielding from cousin Vinny in Queens since Manning and Manningham ripped your heart out.

You want to blame somebody, and there is no shortage of candidates. Curse Wes Welker for not catching that pass at the 21-yard line with four minutes to play! Curse Tom Brady for not making a more accurate throw in that situation! And curse him for that dumb intentional grounding play, and, while we're at it, for that throw to Rob Gronkowski downfield that was picked off, in part, perhaps, because the big tight end simply didn't have the same lift he did before he tore up his ankle against the Ravens.

Curse Bill Belichick for his team's mind-boggling confusion in the opening minutes of the game! Curse 12 men on the field! Curse the secondary for not picking off Eli Manning at least once! Curse Vince Wilfork for not playing like the Incredible Hulk again! Curse Aaron Hernandez for dropping that ball over the middle on the final drive! Curse Dan Koppen for breaking his ankle in September! Curse Stephen Neal for retiring last spring! Curse Kevin Faulk for having the audacity to be inactive! Curse them all!!

Or not.

Sometimes teams just lose. It's not because of a colossal blunder or an abysmal performance or a team "not showing up to play." Sometimes teams don't walk off with the trophy because the other guys are better.

This is one of those times.

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