Video: Follow the dancing Gronk

Video of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski dancing at a team party after losing Super Bowl XLVI is getting a lot of buzz across the Internet and has sparked a debate as to whether it's something he perhaps shouldn't have done, or something that should bother Patriots fans.

ESPN NFL analysts Darren Woodson and Eric Mangini went back and forth on it on today's SportsCenter (video above):

* Woodson's take: "Everyone's going to handle a loss totally different. I don't really know the circumstances as far as where Gronkowski was and how everything took place. But at the same time, after a loss, especially a guy who just came off a high ankle sprain, was injured through most of that game and tried to fight his way through it, you want to see some kind of remorse, some type of feeling of 'Hey, we just lost this big game, let's try to control it.'"

* Mangini's take: "I don't think he was celebrating the loss. What they were celebrating was the accomplishment of getting there. It's the last time they're going to be together. There's going to be so much change with free agency and the draft. This is the last time this group on men are going to be together, and they have their families. Did he take it too far, was there alcohol? I don't know any of those things. But I don't think it was a celebration or him not caring about the fact they lost. It was more the event of being together in that moment."

* Your take?: Where do you stand? Do you think Gronkowski and some of his teammates should have been more remorseful after the loss and cognizant of how dancing at a party after the game would be perceived? Do you think the big man was just letting off some steam after a tough defeat and trying to enjoy his time with family and teammates? Or, do you think this is a non-story and wonder why we're even talking about this? Vote in the poll above and sound off in the comments section.