Patriots & the salary cap

We're currently in a mix of Super Bowl recovery/transitioning to the offseason reporting on the Patriots.

When it comes to the second part of the equation, Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel provides some helpful information as it relates to the salary cap. Kelly breaks down the cap status of every NFL team and puts the Patriots in the category of "possible big spenders."

Kelly notes the Patriots have just shy of $102 million currently committed to their 2012 salary cap. The projected cap is between $121-125 million.

When it comes to the salary cap, the thinking here is that it's easy to get bogged down in numbers. Instead of doing that, Kelly's numbers are passed along to provide a general ballpark for where the Patriots stand.

They should have flexibility to make moves.

Part of the fun in the coming months will be analyzing and debating what those moves should be.