Analyzing Welker & negotiation

In a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com, Mike Reiss analyzes receiver Wes Welker's contract negotiation with the Patriots.

Bill Belichick's remarks Monday could have just as easily applied to receiver Wes Welker as they did the New England Patriots' 2011 season: "It's not about one game or one play or anything, it's the whole body of work."

Welker's inability to haul in an inaccurate throw from quarterback Tom Brady late in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVI, a play that could have helped seal a victory but instead helped set the stage for the New York Giants' remarkable comeback, has been sliced, diced, analyzed and then dissected some more in recent days.

Some have asked if the play could impact contract negotiations between the sides, as Welker is scheduled for unrestricted free agency. It shouldn't. Belichick's words reinforce that thought.

No receiver has caught more passes than Welker over the last five seasons and his value to the team isn't diminished by the heavily debated Super Bowl play. The same issues that have held up an extension to this point remain in play.

Reiss then dissects those issues, sharing the viewpoint from each side of the negotiating table. To read the piece, CLICK HERE.