Schefter thinks Welker will be tagged

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter was on SportsCenter this morning and was asked whether he thought the Patriots use their franchise tag on receiver Wes Welker.

"You have to figure ultimately the Patriots will use their franchise tag on Wes Welker," Schefter said. "The franchise tag would be for $9.4 million. They've been talking about getting a long-term deal, the question is can they get something done. Wes Welker is going to want to be paid like one of the top wide receivers in the game. That's going to be a big number ... If they can't get something done, then the Patriots will wind up using the tag in all probability."

Starting Feb. 20, the Patriots have a two-week window (ending March 5) to decide whether to tag Welker. Mike Reiss yesterday proposed a long-term deal that he thinks would be fair to both sides.