Weekly Patriots mail is delivered

Every Tuesday on ESPNBoston.com, questions from Patriots followers are answered as part of a weekly mailbag. This week's mailbag has been posted and includes some of the following topics:

1. Looking at the draft to possibly fill the receiver position, with Arkansas' Joe Adams on the radar.

2. Looking at free agency to possibly fill the receiver position, with Mike Wallace (Steelers), Reggie Wayne (Colts), Brandon Lloyd (Broncos/Rams), Pierre Garcon (Colts), Laurent Robinson (Cowboys) and Josh Morgan (49ers), among others, on the radar.

3. Projecting what would it take to move up to the No. 5-6 spot in the draft.

4. Keeping an eye on Alabama safety Mark Barron if he falls in the draft.

5. Wes Welker, free agency, and the franchise tag.

6. Andre Carter, Mark Anderson and the possibility of them re-signing.

7. If you could have any player in free agency, and any player in the draft, who would they be?