Reader feedback on combine

Some suggestions from readers for NFL combine coverage that we will attempt to follow up on over the next four days:

1. jdyzzy -- "Would very much like to hear your take on former Tennessee Safety/DB Janzen Jackson. I think he could be a great late-round fit as a very versatile player that could earn a roster spot."

2. decosted -- "A somewhat under the radar WR to keep an eye on. Jermaine Kearse from UW. 6-2/210ish, fast, smart versatile player, runs routes well, good hands, team captain."

3. Clark12to81 -- "May I suggest taking a close look at Ladarius Green TE UL-Lafayette (6'6" 230). Is he a TE or another large WR? I think he's a big WR myself. Like Hernandez, he's not much of a blocker. But he runs nice routes and knows how to get open. He's one of the more intresting guys of the TE group. A mid round selection. Gronk 6-6, Hernandez 6-2, Green 6-6 along with Wes Welker could be a matchup nightmare for DC's around the league."

4. Bruschidawg -- "I don't get why T.Y. Hilton is flying so far under the radar. He's what the Pats love -- a mighty mite that catches with his hands and runs good routes. Let's not forget he's a burner and has BIG TIME production even when being the focus of the opposing D's attention. Also, we can put the 'Woodhead as a KR myth' to bed."

5. CultsCultsCults -- "I'd like the Patriots to take a look at Matt Daniels SS from Duke. As a Duke football fan it's hard to get excited for college football, but I thought Daniels was a strong player while at Duke. I know he wouldn't be starting, and he's only projected to go between 5-6 round of the draft, but I'd be really happy he New England consider him. A problem with this is the Patriots don't have any 5-7 round picks."