Steelers' GM on Wallace situation

INDIANAPOLIS -- Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert answered questions from reporters at noon and the status of receiver Mike Wallace was a hot topic. Some have speculated that a team like the Patriots could make a run at Wallace, who is a restricted free agent.

With the Steelers tight to the salary cap, Wallace's situation has potentially put the Steelers in a vulnerable spot.

Colbert, however, doesn't see it that way.

"Having a great player like Mike Wallace is not a dilemma," Colbert said. "Obviously Mike is a restricted free agent and once we determine what his tender will be, and we'll know what our compensation will be -- I'm pretty sure he's going to be protected with a first-round pick, at minimum. There is always a franchise [tag] possibility, but not knowing our total cap situation -- until we get a final cap number, I really can't say.

"We're going to do everything we can to make sure that Mike Wallace remains a Pittsburgh Steeler, and I think that's Mike's belief as well. Usually when you have two parties that share the same goal, it's usually easier to achieve that goal."

Later, Colbert added that, "We want Mike to finish his career with the Steelers, and I'm very confident that Mike wants to finish his career with the Steelers and play with a great quarterback like Ben Roethlisberger and the other receivers we have to complement him. We think he's only scratched the surface in what he can do. There is a lot left there that still can be developed and we're anxious to see it happen as a Steeler."

OPINION: From the sound of it, this should exstinguish some of the Wallace-to-New England chatter. Seems like both sides are committed to continuing together in Pittsburgh.