Rex Ryan: No guarantee this year

INDIANAPOLIS -- Jets coach Rex Ryan arrived at the interview podium with a brown briefcase, put it down, and opened his news conference this way:

"All right, I know what you're all thinking, the return to the infamous Super Bowl guarantee. It was [made] here. In all seriousness, looking back, obviously it was a huge mistake to make that guarantee. At the time, we were coming off two championship games. I really thought it would be a thing that would actually motivate our team, to really talk about the Super Bowl, focus on the Super Bowl, but in hindsight I think it put undue pressure on our team. We kind of lost focus and really we lost focus on what we do best.

"Obviously, it was a big mistake. I go back, and look at it, and I think it contributed to the season we had. Realistically, it's something I've been thinking about a great deal and obviously we had a terrible season. I'll take full responsibility for it. I think part of that guarantee really contributed to that."

Ryan then added, "there's not going to be any promises" this year.

"But I will say, we're going to have a team now, that I think is going to have the potential to do great things," he said.

OPINION: Ryan sounded like a coach who was trying to change his tune and approach. Can he pull it off? We'll believe it when we see it. Ryan seemed to take time over the last few months looking within and how his approach affects his players. He spoke about how the Jets will still have fun, and be a transparent organization, but he also seems to want to alter his approach because of its negative impact on his players.