Wake-up call: Combine, Day 2

INDIANAPOLIS -- Setting the schedule for the second day of the NFL Combine (full four-day agenda here):

Hearing from the agents. The annual NFL Players Association agents meeting is today and this is the time when agents, if they do desire, can make some waves (e.g. Logan Mankins' agent, Frank Bauer, last year calling the Patriots' handling of the contract situation a "travesty."). Of primary interest to Patriots reporters is David Dunn, who represents receiver Wes Welker. Entering the combine, the sides weren't engaged in an active talks but had previously done so, according to a source. Perhaps that changes here at the combine.

Should be a busier day with prospects. Thursday's agenda was more pro-based, with 24 coaches/personnel executives holding news conferences, which overshadowed some of the specialists and offensive linemen who came into the media center. The script figures to be flipped today as it should be buzzing in the media center with quarterbacks, running backs and receivers scheduled for interviews, as well as some spill-over offensive linemen. There will also be more news conferences with head coaches and personnel executives.

Who's working out? The first workouts are scheduled, with placekickers and special teamers.