Clayton: Worse than Spygate

ESPN.com senior writer John Clayton writes on today's big NFL story, how New Orleans Saints players and at least one assistant coach maintained a bounty pool of up to $50,000 the last three seasons to reward game-ending injuries inflicted on opposing players.

Clayton calls the findings worse than the Patriots' illegal videotaping procedures.

"As bad as the infamous New England Patriots' Spygate case was in 2007, no one got hurt except teams that lost close games. Placing a bounty on opponents is far worse," Clayton writes.

"To have a coach broker hits that are intended to damage the health of opponents can't, and won't, be tolerated. That's why I believe the penalty for this NFL crime will exceed the $750,000 fines and loss of a first-round draft pick that the Patriots were penalized in 2007. The Saints traded their first-round pick to the Patriots to move up to draft running back Mark Ingram in 2011. I wouldn't be surprised if the league takes away a second-round or third-round pick this year and a first-rounder next year."

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