'Inside' story on Brady's play

The text came the other day and read: "I need you to do a story: TB numbers inside domes in his career -- reg and playoffs. Get on it!"

It's always fun when friends suggest stories; they are usually good ideas that hit at the heart of what Patriots followers might be thinking. But I wasn't sure where this one was going, so the reply was simply, "Why so fired up on Brady in dome?"

Turns out it was Peyton Manning-based.

With all eyes of the NFL universe focused on Manning yesterday, this Patriots follower had Brady on his mind. "What if Peyton played Brady's games and vice versa. I think Brady's #'s inside are amazing."

With that background as a springboard, here are the findings:

Manning outdoors

Winning percentage -- .649 (63-34)

Key note -- According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Manning's winning percentage outdoors drops each month -- .700 in September, .680 in October, .655 in November and .565 in December/January (ESPNNewYork link).

Brady outdoors

Winning percentage -- .780 (128-36)

Key note -- When the temperature is below 40 degrees, Brady is 38-5.

Manning indoors

Winning percentage -- .702 (78-33)

Key note -- Manning has thrown 230 of his 399 touchdown passes indoors.

And here's a look at Brady vs. Manning indoors:

Thanks to Matt Conti of the Colts media relations department and Cecily Faenza of the Patriots media relations department for an assist on this.