Video: Mike & Mike talk Pats

On ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" program this morning, Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic continued their "two-a-days" series by focusing on the Patriots. The segment included some general thoughts on the Patriots, focused on draft needs, and answered questions from followers.

Some soundbites from the segment:

Greenberg: "What can you say? They had a magnificent season and they continue to demonstrate in almost every way why their coach is the best coach in all of sports, because this is a team that doesn't necessarily have all the talent and still manages to go 13-3 and a trip all the way to the Super Bowl with a chance to win the final minute."

Golic: "[Defense] is an area they still need to pick up and improve upon, because the offensive side of the ball we know is still pretty good. ... anywhere from a cornerback to a defensive tackle would be the area you go. They're still looking for that main one-on-one rusher. Now they had [Andre Carter], who had gotten hurt. They could really use a guy like that. Vince Wilfork was a beast on the nose. They have [Jerod] Mayo at linebacker, who I like a lot. I would look more on the interior of the d-line and I would look at the secondary as well."

Greenberg: "I'll tell you what else, if there is a fast, big-play type of wide receiver, I'd be considering that as well. We've heard talk about maybe the acquisition of Brandon Lloyd there, a Josh McDaniels guy. I don't know if that would ... they don't have a true No. 1 type receiver."

Golic: "I think it's going to be tough [on defense]. We've been waiting for the defense to improve more and more, and I think they've struggled with that. You saw last year, they tried it with Albert Haynesworth, they tried to catch lightning in a bottle there, and you saw how well that worked. They may try that again, but maybe go a little younger with a guy that you maybe have a little more confidence in doing something. I could see them drafting on the defense and I could see some free agency on the defense as well. I do think they'll concentrate on that side of the ball."