Analyst likes Pats' moves

Contract agreements with defensive lineman Jonathan Fanene and safety Steve Gregory don't seem to have generated much excitement among Patriots followers.

One football analyst, however, sees things differently.

"Love Pats strategy of going right after 2nd tier FA's they want. No rule that 2nd tier = 2nd week," Ross Tucker of ESPN.com and Sirius XM NFL Radio tweeted today.

Tucker was asked to elaborate on that thought.

"Gregory & Fanene probably didn't get many other calls [if any] but every FA is anxious so they jump on Pats [interest]," he said. "Both very versatile & play with great effort. That's common denominator. Fanene DT/DE & relentless. Gregory both safeties & ST's."

That was from a brief Twitter exchange with Tucker.

Later, Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com added, "Not a big fan of Gregory move if they think he's a starter. Bill kind of guy. ... I think he struggles in coverage."

Always interesting to hear different viewpoints.