Patriots' work at WR lauded

In an Insider piece now posted on ESPN.com, Gary Horton of Scouts Inc., identifies five teams that solidified a specific position on their rosters through free agency.

He picks the Patriots/receivers at No. 2.

"How do you dramatically improve an already dominant passing offense? Well, you keep it together while adding the right parts to broaden what you can do. Right now, this Tom Brady-led offense looks almost unstoppable," Horton writes, adding that Brandon Lloyd "may be the guy the Patriots have been looking for to stretch the field and loosen up defenses."

The Bills, and their work with the defensive line, tops Horton's list.

To read the piece (Insider content), CLICK HERE.

Also, Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc., hands out his free-agent grades (Insider content) and gives the Patriots a B.