Closer look at fullback deals

A closer look at contracts signed by fullbacks Spencer Larsen and Tony Fiammetta with the Patriots, and how it affects the salary cap:

Larsen (2 years)

2012 base salary: $700,000

2013 base salary: $750,000

Signing bonus: $250,000

2012 cap number: $825,000

Fiammetta (1 year)

2012 base salary: $615,000

Signing bonus: $60,000

Workout bonus: $25,000

2012 cap number: $700,000

ANALYSIS: These deals are part of the Patriots' theme of addressing the middle class of their roster in free agency. A $250,000 signing bonus for Larsen is also an indication, from this view, that the team envisions him on the 2012 roster because that's a significant up-front payment. One storyline to watch in training camp will be the role of the fullback making a return in the Patriots' offense, as the financial investment made in this area seemingly reflects an increased focus at the position.