Soundbites from Wes Welker

A few notable soundbites from Patriots receiver Wes Welker in his meeting with reporters today in New York after modeling the team's new Nike uniforms:

On the uniform: "Being able to move my arms a little better, there is not as much tightness, a little more flexibility as far as that goes ... . I like the way the pants kind of feel. Usually when you get new pants, they are hard to break in and different things like that. They feel good. ... I like the way it feels, the way it fits to your body, the mobility you have in it has been pretty good. I like where it is headed."

On Brandon Lloyd signing: "I think he definitely does some things really well. Some of the catches I’ve seen him make are pretty phenomenal, what he’s been able to do. I think he is going to be a great addition for us, as far as knowing the offense with Josh [McDaniels] in Denver and St. Louis. Hopefully we can keep bringing him along and he can make significant plays for us."

On Chad Ochocinco: "If you have him go out there and run a comeback, he’s the best comeback runner I think I’ve ever seen. Being able to do some of those different things for us will be huge. I look for him to improve greatly from this past year."

On Donte' Stallworth: "Donte' is such a good friend of mine. Being with him [training], and being able to play with him again, is very exciting. The type of player he is, the speed and everything else, I’m definitely very excited to have him back."

On all weapons freeing things up inside for him: "I think any time you have really good players out there, it’s good for everybody. Getting Deion [Branch] back. Adding Brandon Lloyd and Anthony Gonzlalez, and Donte', and all these different guys, it’s going to be good for all of us. It will create good competition and at the same time help everybody else as far as getting open and getting the ball down the field. ... I feel like we have a lot of threats out there and a lot of guys that can make plays."

Ribbing Rob Gronkowski and his style: "For somebody to get by with what they have, Gronk does a pretty good job of not wearing anything he ever has to pay for. … Free anything."