Setting up annual mock draft

The third-annual ESPNBoston.com mock draft, featuring some of the most insightful commenters on our blog, is scheduled for Tuesday.

The purpose of this blog entry is to confirm the attendance of our "drafters" (please check in via the comments section):

1. PatsFanTRichter

2. Mr. Scratch

3. gln826


For those unfamiliar with the ESPNBoston.com annual mock draft, it's an all-day event in which I am joined by our commenters for a complete first-round with analysis.

Last year's can be recapped here, while the 2010 version is here.

The mock draft highlights some of the primary goals when this blog opened business on September 9, 2009, which are good to revisit from time to time:

1. Football first

2. Vibrant community

3. Answering the "why"

4. Enhancing the experience for Patriots fans

We have more work to do, but now in our fourth season, we're making positive steps toward achieving those goals.