Gronk spikes Megatron in latest spoof

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is at it again, posting his second YouTube home video promoting his candidacy for Madden 13 cover boy. This time, he's calling out Lions receiver Calvin Johnson (aka Megatron), whom he is matched up against in the quarterfinals of the Madden 13 cover vote.

This clip begins with Gronk finishing a set of 1,000 pushups in front of a Gronk Fathead. He then walks to his couch, where a Megatron transformer toy is waiting to challenge him in a game of Madden.

"What's up Megatron, you want to play some Madden?," Gronk tells the toy. "Not only did I lead the league in receptions, I also had a rushing TD. And you're challenging me in Madden? You're crazy, let's play."

Cut to the TV, where Gronk completes a touchdown pass to himself (who else?) against the Lions.

Gronk them proceeds to pick up the Megatron toy and (you knew this was coming) spike it into the ground, breaking it into pieces.

This, of course, is Gronk's second home video promoting his Madden candidacy. He posted this one before the first round.

You can vote for Gronk in the Madden 13 cover quarterfinals HERE. Voting ends Wednesday.