Mayo, Brown make it on silver screen

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- If the whole football thing doesn't work out for Jerod Mayo, perhaps a career in acting may be the next best option for the Patriots linebacker and defensive captain.

Mayo and former Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown were cast as "gang bangers" in the Farrelly Brothers' latest film, The Three Stooges, which hit theaters last week.

"Right now I'm focused on football. But if there are any roles out there, I'm willing to take them," Mayo said of the acting appearance. "It was fun, good time. Those guys are great, went out there and had a good time last year, and [the movie] then came out last Friday."

Speaking to reporters at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday, Mayo also talked about the Patriots' offseason program, which began on Monday. Here are some soundbites:

On returning to work: "Been good, man. Just happy to be back. I really didn't go anywhere, I've just been working out by myself. But it's good to get the strength coaches back working with us."

On how much time he took to rest after the Super Bowl: "Couple weeks. I love working out and getting ready for the next season. Especially ending a disappointing season like that in the Super Bowl, you always want to get back to work and try to get better for next year."

On if he's watched the Super Bowl again: "I have watched it, a couple times. Just to break down film like you do every other game. Just to see where we went wrong. But at the same time I'm past that, and just working to get back to that point next year."

On teammate Gary Guyton signing with Miami: "It's tough. He's been beside me for a long time now, you see us in the locker room always chopping it up, but he's a good player, he's moved on to another team, I hope he wins every game except for ours."

On the new CBA offseason schedule: "Well obviously we're a couple weeks out from where we usually start. But the workouts were the same, all the running feels the same. I'm tired right now."

On the several new additions to the team: "Those guys are just working hard. This is the second day. Those guys have come in just fell in line. Doing things the right way."

On if there's a set offseason training schedule: "Yeah, we have groups. You never know who's here and who's not. You just know who's in your group, and if those guys are here, it's time to go."