Jason Taylor: Doubts about Pats' D

The "NFL Total Access" program on NFL Network shined the spotlight on the Patriots, looking closer at the team's offseason moves and how they might affect the club's approach in the draft.

The segment began with former NFL head coach Brian Billick sharing his thoughts on some of the team's personnel additions.

"They've done a good job, as they typically do, in terms of filling their needs leading up to the draft," Billick said. "The last thing you want to do is go into the draft and draft based on need. They've done some strategic signings, nothing huge. ... So they've brought some role players in to say 'OK, we can line up and play tomorrow and now we can draft anything we want.'"

Former Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor also opined on the Patriots.

"Let's get this straight, there are a lot of defenses in this league that are not as good as the Patriots' offense," Taylor said. "They need to improve defensively -- they need a pass-rusher, they are a little young in the back end and those DBs will continue to grow ... but at the end of the day they have an offense that will outscore you. If you score 28 points on their defense, they are very, very confident ... they can score 29."

Taylor, who called quarterback Tom Brady the "X factor", added that the defense is good enough to get the Patriots to the playoffs, but he has doubts the club will advance to the Super Bowl again because of the D.

While he expects the defense to improve, he's not sure it will improve enough.

"I think last year they got lucky getting by the Ravens," he said. "It's good enough to get you through the regular season, for sure, because of the weapons you have. ... I'm not sure the defense can do it totally to get to the Super Bowl, but they can get to the playoffs with that defense. And that defense will be better this year."

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