Light, Ninkovich talk Purdue ties

In a piece in today's Journal-Courier, Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light and Patriots outside linebacker/defensive end Rob Ninkovich talk about their Purdue ties. The story, written by Mike Carmin, came after both visited Purdue last week.

Ninkovich told the story, previously detailed by ESPNBoston.com's Jackie MacMullan, of how he asked to go up against Light upon his arrival in 2009 training camp.

From Light's view, it was a chance to help a fellow Boilermaker.

"I let him beat me once, I let him beat me again," Light joked in the Journal-Courier piece. "He hasn't gotten a sniff since that day."

A bit more from Carmin's story:

Light compared Ninkovich's arrival with the Patriots to a friend visiting from out of town.

"You have to do what you can when you have a former Boilermaker coming to town," he said. "It's like anybody else. You have a friend coming in and they don't have a place and you put them up at your place, fix them breakfast and give them a few pointers about the area and maybe some driving directions ... same for Rob."

While Light's career is coming to a close, Ninkovich believes he has a lot more to offer.

"I still feel like I'm underachieving in my career," he said. "If you go on the Internet, everyone says I've maxed out my potential. I don't think I believe that at all. I only really started being an every down player two years ago. Even here, I was a five-game start guy. In the first few years in the NFL I had to establish myself as a special teams guy and show them I can actually play."

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