Pats 'intriguing' team in draft

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. picks four teams that he views are in better position than others because they "have a lot going for them, in terms of options and maneuverability."

The Patriots are on the list, along with the Jaguars, Panthers and Bills.

"Maybe this is the draft in which New England packages some picks to go up and grab a real difference-maker, particularly to help its ailing pass defense with a pass-rusher or cover man of some sort," Williamson writes. "This pass defense needs a lot of work. CB Ras-I Dowling returns -- and New England did have a lot of hope for him after using an early second-round pick to acquire his services a year ago -- but surely Belichick still sees the need for pass-rushers and coverage people as job No. 1 in New England during this draft."

Williamson adds that the schedule looks favorable.

"It should be noted that the reigning AFC champs have the easiest schedule in the league based on opponents' winning percentage -- and they are set up to have an even better roster in 2012 that is loaded with young talent and depth," he writes.

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