Reaching out to 29 mock runners-up

On April 10, the third-annual ESPNBoston.com mock draft (link here) was held with three of our top commenters -- PatsFanTRichter, Mr. Scratch and DinoScapelli. It was a lot of fun.

At the time, several other commenters expressed interest in doing something similar. It's taken me longer than I anticipated to circle back, but for those still interested, we could do something similar on Thursday.

The invitiation goes out to the following commenters tonight:

rbs634, freeland1787, carfallon, zeke_valdes, tc91102, illvb12, razzledazzle679, gfettes, abkopans, eeruby, tpage218, 88bdh340, hamish_fraser, patsjunky55, thalan10, ace_28_24, maxofmanetheren, swantonsoup, reddman500, noahdmurray, 2012patsfan, gesualdi9, rufusfireflyjr, sean.glade, chris hayward, joethegreat0813. monk2310greg, decosted, ortizdoesitagain

I'll see how many respond tonight, and will set up some ground rules tonight.