Smith & David the picks in final mock

It seems everyone has a mock draft these days, so we'll throw our helmet into the mix as well.

In projecting the Patriots' potential decisions at No. 27 and 31, the idea of a trade was obviously mentioned. The Patriots like to move.

If they move up, my best guess is that the targets would be Alabama safety Mark Barron and LSU defensive lineman Michael Brockers. How far up they'd have to go would be the key to that potentially happening. I'll be keeping an eye on the 11th pick, where former Patriots vice president of player personnel Scott Pioli sits with the Chiefs, to see if there could be any action.

If the Patriots stay put, the choices in the mock draft are Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith and Nebraska linebacker Lavonte David.

Smith was described by one evaluator as a safe pick who would fit what the Patriots look for at safety. David is smaller than the prototypical linebacker the Patriots generally seek, but the pick represents the thinking that the prototype has been smashed because the Patriots are in a sub defense almost 70 percent of the time anyway.

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