McShay: Jones' versatility makes him a fit

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay checks in with his thoughts on Patriots first-round pick Chandler Jones (video above):

"Chandler Jones became, by far, my favorite player to watch on tape this year when he came back and was healthy down the stretch. He's not the elite speed rusher off the edge, but hes athletic, he plays with good leverage, he can turn quickness to power as a pass rusher. And I think he's just scratching the surface as a football player.

"He's tall at 6-5. He's up to 266 pounds. Just a year ago he was 245 pounds. Again, he's not that elite edge rusher, but in a defense that plays four-man front, three-man front, likes to be versatile, move guys around, I think Chandler Jones has a chance to develop into the star of this unit and I think he's going to be one of the real surprises from the 2012 draft."