Rapid reaction: Trading down

For those who use a trade value chart as a guide, the Patriots' deal with the Packers will register as a head-scratcher.

In shipping their late second-round pick (62nd) to the Packers, they received a third-round pick (90th) and fifth-round pick (163rd). While trade value charts can vary slightly, by most accounts, the Packers win big in this exchange.

The chart I referenced gave the 62nd overall pick a value of 284 points.

Meanwhile, the picks the Patriots receive totaled 170 points.

Also note that later in the draft, the Browns traded the 67th overall pick to Denver and received the 87th and 120th selections, which was much better value.

The swap gives the Patriots some more flexibility, as the 62nd overall pick was going to be their final selection of the entire draft. Bill Belichick obviously didn't have a player he felt strongly about at 62, and this move keeps the team in the draft, which is something that might have had more value to Belichick than any single prospect.

Another possibility is that Belichick has 2-4 players targeted that he envisions a role for on the club, but the team didn't have a second-round grade on either of them.