Belichick details trade thinking

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Following the conclusion of the third round of the NFL draft, Patriots coach Bill Belichick detailed his thinking in trading the team's second-round pick (62) to the Packers for a third-round pick (90) and fifth-round pick (163).

The deal didn't look favorable from a value perspective when a few selections later, the Browns traded a third-round pick (67) to the Broncos for a third-round pick (87) and fourth-round pick (120).

The Patriots ultimately used the third-rounder acquired from Green Bay on Arkansas defensive end Jake Bequette.

"We felt like there were enough players on the board, and that they would last, that we would be able to get a similar value in that third round for an additional fifth-round pick," Belichick explained. "I think Jake was a good value there for us."

Asked if the Patriots had trouble finding willing trade partners in the draft, which perhaps drove down his leverage, Belichick explained that each pick has its own dynamic. But he also noted that three of the team's original four selections were traded.

As for how the team's trade with the Packers stacked up against the Browns-Broncos deal, he acknowledged, "there wasn't a real steady, consistent trade pattern" in the draft.

"Some trades looked better than others when you put them up against each other, but in all honesty, the picks are moving pretty quickly and we kind of focus more on what the opportunities were rather than sit around and analyze each one," Belichick said. "Again, a lot of it just depends on what's on the board and what you feel about what's up there -- how motivated you are to pick, or how motivated you are to try to add picks, or what the options are. Each one is kind of its own independent decision."