Story: Wilson a reach? Not to Belichick

In a story now posted on ESPNBoston.com, Mike Reiss writes that the defining question regarding the Patriots' activity on the second day of the draft was: "Do you believe in Bill Belichick or the powerful draft analysts who annually shape public opinion?"

The question is asked after the Patriots selected Illinois defensive back Tavon Wilson in the second round (48th round), a pick that quickly deemed a "reach" by many.

"It was a pick that had many asking 'Who?' and created a firestorm on social media and blogs because Wilson seemingly came out of nowhere," Reiss writes.

"The 22-year-old Wilson was rated as the 24th safety by ESPN's Scouts Inc., considered more of a free agent than a draft pick. He wasn't mentioned in the 2012 Pro Football Weekly draft preview. USA Today's NFL draft preview overlooked him. So did Lindy's Pro Football Draft magazine.

"Wilson didn't attend the NFL combine. He didn't play in any all-star games. Yes, he was invited to the new super regional combine in Detroit, but declined the invite because it came after his pro day and the feeling was that there was little else to gain.

"So how can such a lower-profile prospect be deemed worthy of the 48th overall selection in the draft? For those into all things NFL draft, this is where things get fascinating."

Wilson visited with seven teams prior to the draft -- Buccaneers, Texans, Cardinals, Falcons, Colts, Ravens and Chargers -- so it wasn't like he was completely off the radar of NFL teams. So why was he off the radar of draft analysts?

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