Pats-Packers have draft-day tie

When the Patriots have executed a draft-day trade in Bill Belichick's tenure (2000-present), they have turned to one team more than any other -- the Green Bay Packers.

In updating the "draft-day" trade chart for the Patriots, which details the teams that New England has traded with most during the draft, the Packers vaulted to the top of the list after the clubs made two deals this year.

Initially, the Patriots traded their second-round pick (62nd) to Green Bay for a third-rounder (90th) and fifth-rounder (163rd).

Then the Patriots traded the fifth-rounder (163rd) for a sixth-rounder (197th) and two seventh-rounders (224th, 235rd).

Here is the chart on the teams that the Patriots have executed the most draft-day trades with in Belichick's tenure:

5-- Packers

4 -- Broncos, Raiders, Ravens

3 -- Eagles*, Lions, Texans

2 -- Buccaneers, Cardinals, Chargers, Cowboys, 49ers, Jaguars, Panthers, Redskins, Saints

1 -- Bengals, Bears, Bills, Dolphins**, Steelers, Titans, Vikings

0 -- Browns, Chiefs***, Colts, Falcons, Jets, Giants, Rams, Seahawks

* The Patriots and Eagles have made several deals, but not always on draft day.

**Deal was struck in 2003 the day before the draft -- a 2003 third-round pick for a 2002 second-round pick -- but is included.

*** Matt Cassel/Mike Vrabel deal not included as it happened at the start of free agency.