Pats average in '09 re-grade

Dane Brugler of CBSSports.com re-grades the 2009 draft, relying on the premise that it takes three seasons to accurately assess a draft. He gives the Patriots a C-plus.

As part of the piece, Brugler divides his analysis into three categories:

1. Good (Sebastian Vollmer)

2. Bad (Darius Butler)

3. Jury still out (Patrick Chung)

I always enjoy these type of "look backs" on drafts, in part because it keeps the mind sharp with fourth-year personnel around the league, and also provides a league-wide context as to how all teams draft.

Sometimes it's easy to be so laser-focused on one team that it creates unrealistic expectations. Brugler's Patriots analysis, as it relates to the rest of the league, seems to be solid.

To read the piece, CLICK HERE.