Pats TE Fells a believer in Tebow

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Count new Patriots tight end Daniel Fells amongst the believers in Jets quarterback Tim Tebow.

When asked on Tuesday whether or not he thinks Tebow – arguably the most polarizing player in all of football – can be an NFL quarterback, Fells expressed a vote of confidence. But he also stressed patience.

“I think he can be. Give him a little bit of time," said Fells, who was a member of the Broncos with Tebow in 2011.

The popularity, intrigue and aura surrounding Tebow has been dubbed “Tebowmania,” something that Fells also described as a “circus.” Fells proclaimed that there was a downside involved with said circus.

“The media frenzy, all day, every day. That can be somewhat of a distraction at times,” he said.

But Fells credited Tebow for his handling of the situation.

“He’s the type of person who just takes everything in stride, and he’s a truly genuine person, so he just kind of, almost brushed it off a little bit," he said. "He didn’t let all the hype and everything get to his head.”