Video: Talking Patriots on NFL32

In the video above, ESPNBoston.com's Mike Reiss sets up a discussion on the Patriots during Wednesday's "NFL32," touching on what Bill Belichick will be looking for at this week's rookie minicamp. Reiss said it will be like "Patriots 101," with Belichick introducing the team's rookies to the basics of life with the franchise.

From there, Chris Mortsensen, Tim Hasselbeck and Cris Carter opined on the team, alongside host Wendi Nix.

Mortensen mentioned that using the initial six draft picks on defense was an acknowledgment that the D has to get better, and that there is a great opportunity for the team because the AFC is not deep.

Hasselbeck noted some of the defensive changes for the Patriots, playing more of a 4-3 in 2011 and how they drafted athletic players this year. Hasselbeck speculates that the days of the vanilla defense are over.

Carter touches on the versatility of the defenders, which opens up different options from a scheme perspective.