Wilson considers himself student of game

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has long been regarded as a film junkie, spending seemingly endless hours each week studying opponents as part of his game preparations.

As it turns out, Patriots second-round pick Tavon Wilson shares his coach’s passion for the film room.

"As I got older, I tried to attack the film room and understand offenses and how they want to attack me," he told reporters at Gillette Stadium on Friday, "I think that’s an advantage when you know what you’re being attacked with. That’s something I’m going to do here also."

The dedication Wilson has to film study is one of the things he believes drew the Patriots to him during the draft process.

“Definitely, I feel like every coach wants a student of the game,” Wilson said. “I’m just going to try to come here, attack the film room the same way, just be a sponge to all my coaches and all my teammates and try to learn everything I can for them.”

And while Belichick and the rest of the Patriots brass saw enough in Wilson’s film study habits and on-field performance to invest a second-round choice in the defensive back, many others were quick to question whether the team had reached for him.

Proving the doubters and critics wrong isn’t on Wilson’s agenda in New England, however.

"It’s really not about proving nobody wrong, it’s just about Tavon being the best player he can be," said Wilson. "I’ve never been a person to try go out and prove somebody something, I’m just going to go and be the best player Tavon can be everyday and try to get better."

Part of what has helped Wilson – who lost both of his parents at a young age – prepare for the NFL is his mental toughness. He acknowledged as such, but knows it’s an area that he can continue to grow in.

"This level is a whole different level as far as mental toughness goes. I’m just going to try do the best I can," Wilson said. "I feel like the things I’ve been through have helped me to this point, but I still got a long way to go. I’m just going to continue to try to grow as a person and as a player."