Closer look at Addai's 1-year deal

Taking a closer look at the one-year contract signed by running back Joseph Addai, and what it might mean for the Patriots:

Base salary: $725,000

Signing bonus: $75,000

Workout bonus: $50,000

Roster bonus: $218,750

Incentives: $300,000

Salary cap charge: $1.36 million

ANALYSIS: At this time of year, many of the deals signed by veterans are for the minimum. This deal isn't, which could reflect how the Patriots plan for Addai to be on their roster. From the team side, this type of contract is consistent with the offseason approach of offering a modest bonus to attract proven players who can help build better depth. Addai gets $125,000 up front (signing/workout bonuses) whether he makes the team or not. Meanwhile, a more significant part of the deal is the roster bonus ($218,750), which sets up a situation where Addai can earn more if he's on the roster and contributing. From the Patriots side, the roster bonus is money they can feel more comfortable paying when knowing for certain that he's on the club. The feeling here is that Addai will ultimately make the club, and this will turn out to be a good deal for him, but this contract reflects there is a minor level of uncertainty about him making the cut.