Kirwan crafts a Welker compromise

Sirius XM NFL Radio host Pat Kirwan, who writes for CBSSports.com, crafts a compromise contract proposal for the Patriots and receiver Wes Welker.

"I think the right deal is a three-year contract," Kirwan writes. "The deal should be $25 million over three years with 2012 as is at $9.5 fully guaranteed. Then 2013 another $9.5 guaranteed (which is under the $11.4 franchise tag but guaranteed now) and in 2014 a $2 million roster bonus on the 10th day of the league year and a $4 million salary."

Kirwan's proposal is similar to what was mentioned in this ESPNBoston.com column on Tuesday: "To even the most objective observer, this shouldn't be too hard if both sides are truly committed to a longer-term arrangement. Something a bit richer than what the Patriots did for Randy Moss in 2008 -- a three-year, $27 million deal -- would seemingly be the right compromise, assuming the bonuses and guarantees top $20 million."

As part of his piece, Kirwan details some statistics that reflect well on Welker when compared to other receivers in the NFL.

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