Q&A: Fullback Spencer Larsen

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New Patriots fullback Spencer Larsen met with local media at Gillette Stadium on Thursday morning, fielding a number of questions covering a wide range of topics.

Here is a sampling of the sound bites from the chat.

Are you a fullback now?

"Yeah. I came over to play fullback, and we’ll see. I’m going to do my best there and try to get a spot on the team and see where I can help."

Are you done playing linebacker?

"You never know. You just want to do whatever I can to help the team and wherever that is -- fullback, special teams, and just try to fill needs."

On starting at fullback, linebacker and covering the opening kickoff against the Atlanta Falcons on November 16, 2008.

"It was a fun time in my career. We got into some injury trouble at linebacker, I’d been playing fullback for a few weeks, and we ran into some injury problems and I needed to play linebacker that game against Atlanta ... It was just one of those exciting days. I didn’t play a whole lot on offense that day. As a fullback you kind of come in and out, so it wasn’t 100% taxing. It was a good day’s work."

On how he sees the role of the fullback in this offense with Josh McDaniels as the coordinator.

"I think just being with Josh from the past, I think he likes to have options. Coach McDaniels and being with him in Denver, he just likes to have different things that he can do week-to-week, so who knows? I don’t think any of us know right now what’s going to happen to that position, I think you just need to work and get better and let that thing happen naturally."

Did the opportunity to play for McDaniels make New England a more attractive place to play?

"I love playing for him and I loved all the opportunity that he provided for me. I’m excited to be back with him."

Is McDaniels any different as a person in the role of coordinator than he was as a head coach?

"No, he’s just Josh. He’s very smart and very attention to detail [and] from what it seems, no different."

On if there is a perception from players of New England being a top team in the AFC.

"Definitely. I played them twice in my career, and it was definitely circled on my schedule early. These are the guys that you need to beat, and I’m just really excited to be a part of that. It’s been since my junior year of high school since I had a winning season and I’m really excited to be a part of a team that contends. [I’m] not saying that anything is given. We need to start and work and get there. But absolutely, the way it’s visioned from the outside-in, they’re the ones to come after."

Was Tebowmania a circus?

"Yeah it was. For me, I’m very focused on my job and I think the majority of guys in the NFL are focused on their jobs. And so Tebow had his job to do -- and the locker room, I felt like for the majority of players we were just doing our thing and all that stuff was on the outside. It didn’t have much to do with us."

What does it Brandon Lloyd bring to the Patriots offense?

"Brandon’s just an incredible athlete. I’ve seen him doing things athletically that are just impressive, but I think that it’s the same as everybody coming into a new season, you have to prove yourself and Brandon is gonna do what Brandon does and we’ll see what fits."

On whether the Patriots system is as complex as others that he has been in.

"We’ll see. Being here, I think it’s the way it should be around everywhere; it’s just a lot of personal accountability. It’s the thing that I’ve seen being here, it really comes down to the player. You have to be accountable to your job and to your teammates and doing things the right way…We’re here to accomplish a goal everyday. It’s not, “this is the offseason, let’s cruise,” we’re here to accomplish things and get better and I think that’s what I felt so far since I’ve been here."

On re-connecting with Rob Gronkowski, a former college teammate.

"I joke with him, he was a freshman when I was a senior and it was nice to beat him up in college -- if you guys believe that. It’s just been good seeing him and seeing the success he’s had and getting to talk with him again. "

What were you impressions of him as a freshman?

"Jst incredible. You’ve never seen a guy like that. Big, strong. I swear he looks like he does right now as a freshman coming out of high school. I couldn’t imagine what he did in high school. He was a good player ... He’s one of those guys that comes around that you just feel like man, he’s going to be special. So far he’s proved that."