Video: Brady's wicked accent on display

Tom Brady's Wicked Accent from Tom Brady

Tom Brady, who cut his acting chops in a memorable appearance on Saturday Night Live a few years ago, had his comedic side on display again in an Under Armour-produced video posted to funnyordie.com (embedded above) that's sure to go viral.

In the skit, Brady is attempting to buy Under Armour gear and an annoying salesman not only doesn't recognize him, but pokes fun at his Boston accent (which is obviously non-existent). Things get heated and Brady ends up going off on him.

"I'm not from Boston! I'm from California," Brady says as he gets in his grill. "I'm a native Californian! I went to Michigan! Now I play for New England! I'm a (bleeping) quarterback, you moron!"

Brady ends up pushing him over and storming out of the store. It's worth a watch. Pretty funny stuff.