More chatter on the backup QB

Earlier today we passed along a link to an article praising Patriots quarterback Brian Hoyer as the most marketable backup heading into the 2012 season.

Reserve quarterbacks remain a popular subject, and ESPN’s NFL Nation blog recently congregated to put together a “Confidence Level” list for the backup quarterbacks of all 32 teams.

Surprisingly, the Patriots, who will likely lean on Hoyer as the top backup and continue to groom 2011 third-round pick Ryan Mallett as the third signal-caller, checked in at just 16th on the list, with a confidence level of 61 (scaled from 1 to 100).

James Walker, who handles the AFC East blog for ESPN, expresses concern over the fact that Hoyer and Mallett have zero combined starts.

Tom Brady has had an impressive run of durability in his career, save an ACL tear that cost him nearly the entire 2008 season. The Patriots inserted Matt Cassel as his replacement, who at the time had not started a game since high school.

After successfully guiding the team to 11 wins, Cassel earned a hefty contract and starting gig in Kansas City, and proved that the Patriots confidence in him was well founded, despite his lack of experience.

Interestingly enough, the Patriots 61 confidence level rating was last amongst AFC East teams, behind the Dolphins (80, 3rd overall), Bills (70, tied-7th overall), and Jets (68, 11th).

To see the entire list, click HERE.