Poll: Where will Ochocinco land?

With the Patriots officially releasing wide receiver Chad Ochocinco on Thursday, it ends his career in New England, but gives the 34-year-old veteran a chance to sign elsewhere before training camp.

Where might he land?

Here are a few of the first options that come to mind:

MIAMI -- The Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall this offseason, leaving Davone Bess and Brian Hartline as their top options at receiver. The team will also play host to the TV show "Hard Knocks" this summer, and Ochocinco would add flair to a team lacking many big-name players. Ochocinco also lives in Miami, and is filming a reality TV show there with his fiancée.

JACKSONVILLE -- After the recent arrest of first-round pick Justin Blackmon, the Jaguars' offensive makeover has hit a snag. The team added Lee Evans and Laurent Robinson at receiver this offseason, and Ochocinco would add another option at the position.

CINCINNATI -- Ochocinco's former receivers coach in Cincinnati, Hue Jackson, who once said Ochocinco was "like a son," returned to the Bengals this offseason in the same position. But Marvin Lewis is still the Bengals' head coach, and he may not want Ochocinco back.

N.Y. JETS -- The Jets may have added Stephen Hill in the draft, but Plaxico Burress is no longer with the team. Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum has never been afraid to make big, splashy free-agent moves.

Now it's your turn. Where might Ochocinco land? Place your vote in the poll and hop down to the comments section to join the debate.