Vereen, Moore take part in youth clinic

BOSTON -- Throughout the summer, the Patriots are conducting a series of five “Football For YOU” youth clinics in which current and former players will offer teaching and coaching to local youths in the New England area.

On Saturday, running back Shane Vereen and defensive back Sterling Moore were on hand for the kickoff event at Madison Park Technical Vocational high school in Boston.

The two worked as coaches and answered questions from the participants, while also sharing the story of their paths to the NFL.

Amongst the Patriots alumni in attendance were former tight end Jermaine Wiggins, linebacker Steve King, and cornerback Butch Mahoney.

At the conclusion of the event, Vereen and Moore shared some of their thoughts on what it means to give back to the youths in their community.

“It’s always good to come back here and give back to the community, especially kids, cause you know, you’ve been in their shoes before,” Moore said. “You know where they’re coming from. Its always good to come out here and give them things you may not have learned when you were that little and things that will help them out in the future.”

“If I had an opportunity to come out and listen to some NFL guys talk when I was young, it would have helped me out a lot, and to be able to do that for these kids and for everybody else I think that’s real good,” Vereen added.