Stallworth adjusting to offense

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Despite having played in New England during the 2007 season, Patriots wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth is quick to admit he has plenty to learn as he returns to the team with which he nearly earned a Super Bowl ring.

Like Stallworth, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels returns to the Patriots this offseason, and while the receiver states that the base of the offense remains the same from five years ago, a number of wrinkles have been added.

“The main offense is pretty much still the same," Stallworth said. "In any offense, I’ve been in about a thousand of them, in any offense there’s always going to be different tweaks and things like that. That’s what the offseason is for, the spring is for, and training camp is really to solidify those things and get ready for the season.”

Training camp also will serve as a stage for the Patriots' highly anticipated wide receiver competition. Stallworth joins a number of veterans, including offseason additions Brandon Lloyd and Jabar Gaffney, looking to secure roles on the team’s final roster.

Stallworth is committed to doing whatever it takes to separate himself from the rest of his receiver brethren and jokingly suggested he may even lobby for playing time on defense.

“I’ll do whatever Bill asks me to do. I might even go and try to put my bid in for a little bit of safety or corner if he’ll let me,” he said. “I’m sure that won’t go over well. Whatever they ask me to do, I’ll do my best. I feel good, I feel healthy and I’m ready to go.”