Chung gets work as punt, kick returner

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Despite never fielding a punt or kick during the regular or postseason throughout his three-year NFL career, Patriots safety Patrick Chung has aligned as both a kick and punt returner during the team’s minicamp this week. Part of that work has come on the show team, and it’s an opportunity Chung relishes.

“It’s fun. It’s always fun having the ball in your hands. It’s good, it’s fun man, definitely,” he said.

While Chung admits that handling punts is more difficult than kickoffs, the bottom line is the same.

“You just gotta catch it," he said. "Catch and run.”

Chung worked as a punt returner during his college career at Oregon, and also fielded seven punts as a rookie during the 2009 preseason.

On Wednesday, special teams coach Scott O’Brien was asked about Chung as returner, recalling a 33-yard return Chung had against the Redskins in a 2009 preseason game.

“We watched Patrick when he was at Oregon, and if you remember when we had him as a rookie, we had him catching punts and actually did a pretty good job for us here,” he continued. “I think it was the Washington game in preseason, I think we had one at the end of the game, he had a nice return that gave us an opportunity to win the game at the end of the game. And he’s had some issues and that kind of stuff, but we’ve never forgotten about Patrick.”