NY Daily News on Belichick & Ballard

NFL columnist Gary Myers of the New York Daily News writes on Bill Belichick and the Patriots claiming Giants tight end Jake Ballard as part of his weekly NFL notes, and Myers comes to this conclusion:

"Belichick’s fondness for the Giants didn’t prevent him from really sticking it to them last week ... The NFL is a cutthroat business, and nobody’s blood runs colder than Belichick’s. He didn’t owe the Giants anything and didn’t extend them professional courtesy by letting Ballard pass through.

"As the Super Bowl runnerup, Belichick was 31st in the priority order on waivers. Thirty other teams passed. The Giants’ risk almost paid off. [Tom] Coughlin was angry, but it was hard to say if he was mad at Belichick or mad at himself or GM Jerry Reese or all three."

Myers then shares his thoughts on the Giants' and Patriots' perspective on the move.

He believes the Giants screwed up. At the same time, he doesn't think it makes much sense for the Patriots.

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