Jones talks with Sirius at Play 60

Patriots first-round draft choice Chandler Jones was a guest on Sirius XM NFL Radio from the Ohio-based rookie symposium on Friday, joining co-hosts Vic Carucci and Jim Miller from a Play 60 event with kids.

The appearance at Play 60 was right in Jones' wheelhouse, he explained, as he majored in child and family studies in the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics at Syracuse.

"I'm used to being around kids. I wish I had this kind of opportunity when I was younger," Jones said. "Knowing you have the opportunity to change kids' lives [is the best part]. I know if I was this age, and I had the opportunity to be out here with professional athletes, I would never forget this moment."

When it comes to football, Jones showed he was a quick study to Bill Belichick's preference that players take a short-term focus, as well as Devin McCourty's thoughts on rookies joining the NFL and how they shouldn't be heard too often.

Some of the Q&A:

How exciting is it for you to join this Patriots team, coming off a Super Bowl, all the great tradition of success there?

"I'm just excited to be here at the symposium. I've always dreamed of being here at the rookie symposium. I'm just having a good time with these kids."

What have you benefited most from at the rookie symposium?

"I've benefited most from being out here with the kids, to be honest. I've been looking forward to this day. I had a few friends that are in the NFC and they kind of gave me a heads-up on what we were going to be doing, and they told me about the Play 60 event. I've just been waiting for this day since Day 1, and now I'm here."

Training camp is a month away; from a mental standpoint, what is your preparation for that? How do you see the role you think you'll have with this team?

"To be honest with you, training camp is the last thing that's on my mind. I've just been through OTAs and rookie minicamp. What I'm going to do is go home and relax and enjoy my family, get in shape and get ready to approach training camp. But that is the last thing on my mind right now."

Are you able to compartmentalize everything -- defensive end, outside linebacker responsibilities -- and being able to excel at both?

"My job right now, with me being a rookie, is to be a sponge. Learn everything that coaches ask me to learn, and getting respect from the veterans. That's my number one goal right now. That's what I'm working on, my number one task."