Catching up with Matt Light

Matt Light has kept himself busy since announcing his retirement from the Patriots, and it also looks like he didn't have to wait long to land a new gig.

The Dayton Daily News writes on both topics -- first catching up with Light at his 600-acre camp and highlighting his work with at-risk youth (link here), then focusing on his media-based plans which could include joining ESPN (link here).

In an extensive piece by columnist Tom Archdeacon, who visited Light's camp in Ohio, a picture is painted on what is taking place there.

As part of his Light Foundation, he runs a unique outdoor leadership skills camp in the summer — part of a bigger year-round program — for at-risk teens from around the country. He calls it Camp Vohokase.

“That’s the Cheyenne word for light,” he said of the term he learned first-hand while doing volunteer work on a Cheyenne reservation early in his career.

This year the 14 kids being illuminated are from Providence, R.I., Nashville, Tenn., West Lafayette, Ind., surrounding Darke County. All represent significant connections to his football career. He grew up in Greenville, won All-Big Ten honors at Purdue, started all 11 years for the Pats, and the Tennessee link is through his former college line coach who is tied into a youth program in Nashville. ...

"We’re all about getting kids out here and showing them how to do things the right way — how to be accountable — and how to actually learn something along the way and get some real fun out of it, too.

“A lot of these kids are looking for someone to say, ‘Hey, that’s not the way to do it. Here’s the right way.’ And they pick up on that. They’re all good guys who have committed to this program for four years. That in itself tells you a lot about their character.”