Checking how cap fits for Pats

In a recent housekeeping piece on NFL.com, “Around The League” writer Brian McIntyre takes a look at the available remaining cap space for each of the 32 NFL teams.

The Patriots, with $10,873,988 remaining, check in 11th in terms of most available space.

With 88 players on the current roster, the Patriots have ample room to fill out the roster should they choose to do so before training camp begins.

Beyond that, the team has yet to come to terms with the second of their first-round draft picks, linebacker Dont’a Hightower. His deal will likely be structured similarly to those of the players signed around him in the draft order.

One stipulation relating to the salary cap worth keeping in mind is that NFL teams have the option to roll over their remaining salary cap space from one offseason to the next, meaning money left unspent in 2012 by the Patriots can be taken as a surplus in 2013.